THE DIANA SINGING SEPT. 14th & 15th 2012

I bring you greetings from The Board of Directors of The Diana Singing and hoping that all is well with you and yours. The time is fast approaching for this year’s Sept. Diana Singing and we hope that you are making your plans to attend. We have had some 109 degree dry weather since June and then it started raining and now it is back to about normal. The grass has been growing like crazy but we have been able to keep it cut. Gas prices here are up and down, about $3.45. I hope to see you there.

We have motel and restaurant phone numbers and information on line at, or you can call me at 931-363-3204, cell 931-309-7602 or

We hope to have the benches pressure washed by Friday morning Sept.7th and we ask that you please do not put out any blankets before that or they may get pressure washed too. We ask that you do not reserve more than 10 seats in the front half of the shed. Any more than that must be in the back half of the shed. This is a decision by the Board of Directors in trying to be fair to everyone in reserving seats.

Most all carriers have a good signal at Diana now but you can give my cell phone to your family for contact in case of emergency. 931-309-7602

Randy Jenkins is constantly updating the Diana web site with pictures and information. Check it out when you get a chance or need info.

PLEASE If you have a change of address, either street, phone, or e-mail, please let us know so we can keep our mailing and e-mail list up to date.

REMEMBER PLEASE. If you are going to Pulaski, the hill as you get into town is 45 MPH to the top of the hill and 30 MPH down the other side to the light. There is a lot of foot traffic there from the housing project and they do run radar there. Please watch the speed zones in Cornersville, and there is still construction on the by-pass in Lewisburg.

While you are at the singing, please visit the Ham Shed, the Gift Shop, and the Tape Shed. We have high speed copiers and CD/s of each night’s singing. They are available at the Tape Shed. Please visit the Hall of Fame building which holds pictures of those who have helped the singing over the years. We also have a Song Book Museum with many old and rare songbooks. All proceeds from the Gift Shop, Ham Shed and Tape Shed go to keep the Singing going and we thank you for your purchases.

Please pick up some of the advertising cards for next years Diana Singing and put them out wherever you can. This is the best advertising we can get and we thank you. We had a lot of good comments about the cards we had last fall, with the picture on them.


We are planning to have the campground ready and opened by Friday August the 30th and you are welcome to come any time after that. Call if you might need to come earlier. I am hoping we can get the sign on the end of the building painted with the new blue and the white on the fronts of the Gift Shop and the Tape Shed also and we will need to clean the benches and the Ham Shed as usual. We will have the camping spaces marked off again this time and ask that you cooperate with parking. Lawrence Taylor will be in charge of parking again this year and will be glad to help you. Camping is, ”first come, first serve” and as always there is no charge for camping but donations to help with the cost of water and electricity would be appreciated. The electricity runs about $1500 for each singing and the water about $200.

IF YOU BRING DOGS OR CATS I know that you love your pets but, PLEASE clean up after them.
We have enough “surprises” in the campground and parking lot without adding any more.

The ladies that run the Gift Shop say they need small craft items, jewelry, or pretty knick knacks and any small yard sale items that you think might sell. They say that their inventory is very low so anything you might bring would help. We also need volunteers to work in the Gift Shop and the Ham Shed on Friday and Saturday nights and there will be a list both places and we thank you for your help


Monday———–12:00 Shrimp and Corn Boil (for those who don’t eat shrimp)
Tuesday———–12:00 Pot Luck Bean Dinner
Wednesday——-12:00 Fish Fry (Our fish cooker will probably need some help)
Thursday———–3:00 Home Made Ice Cream (bring your freezer-make your favorite)
We will have ice at the Ham Shed
Thursday Night—————-about 7:00 Bon Fire (weather permitting) or gathering under the eating
area at the Ham Shed.

The Singing will pay for the Shrimp and Fish Fry as a “Thank You” for your help in getting everything ready for the Singing. This Singing would not go on without your help.

If you hear the Dinner Bell ring, or the truck horn blow———–
That means it’s time to eat or we need help at the Ham Shed.

Feel free to call if you need anything. If we are not at home, the cell phone is on.
931-363-3204 or cell phone 931-309-7602 or e-mail

Hope to see you there.