It is almost time for the Sept. Diana Singing. It seems such a short time from June to Sept., but such a long time from Sept. till the June Singing. I hope that you have made plans to be at Diana on Friday night Sept. 8th and Sat. night the 9th. We are looking for a good crowd and hoping that the weather will cooperate. We have had a lot of rain here in middle Tennessee this summer but maybe some of that has passed.

We have students form Richland FFA who are doing the parking and have been doing a great job and I hope you will cooperate with them so we do not have a problem. They will get you parked as close to the Shed as they can but that is not always possible. We are planning to have the benches washed by Friday, Sept. 1st so please don’t put any blankets out until after that or they may get pressure washed.

I know that most of you know that The Diana Singing is overseen by a 10 member Board of Directors and we would like some input from you. We are thinking ahead to the 50th Anniversary of the Diana Sing in June, 2019. The Diana Church has already talked to Brandon Britton and he will be the speaker for their June 2019 meeting. We are thinking of what we could do to celebrate a great milestone of 50 years. Please send any suggestions to me at, or to our web page at , or you could jot them down and give them to someone at the Ham Shed.

Please remember that we will be using the new Praise song book for all of Saturday night’s singing and we encourage you to stay for Saturday night if you possibly can. We are hoping that this will boost up our Saturday night singing.

Randy Jenkins does a great job with the Diana web page. He keeps up-to date info on there. There are songs on there and an order form so that you might order C/Ds of the Singing. We also have restaurant and motel addresses and phone numbers available on line. Please check out our web site when you have time at

PLEASE We need to keep our contact info up to date so if you have had any kind of address changes please let us know. I know some of you that we are mailing the News Letter have computers or smart phones that we could send the News Letter to. Send changes to or resign up on the web page.

While you are at the Singing please visit our Tape Shed, [for C/Ds of the Singings], The Hall of Fame, [with pictures of those who have helped over the years], The Song Book Museum, [with many old and rare song books,] the Gift Shop [with logo items and donated items] and the Ham Shed, [for sandwiches and cold drinks], with all proceeds from these go to keep the Singing going.

Be sure to mark your calendar for the second Friday and Saturday in June and September 2018.

We also encourage you to pick up some of the advertising cards for the Singing and put them out wherever you can. These cards and “word of mouth” are the only form of advertising we do. We thank you for your help on this.
“Come by some ones invitation this time and bring someone by your invitation next time”

We are planning to have the campground ready and some of us will be there on Friday, Sept. the 25th. You are welcome to come any time after and we hope you can come early so we can all get together over the weekend. We have not been able to keep up with the grass because it has rained so much so there will be grass to cut, the Ham Shed, bathrooms and benches to be cleaned. Most of us are getting older it sure would be good if as many of you that could, would come early. We don’t have any extra work planned {unless something breaks}. Lawrence Taylor will again be in charge of helping you set-up and the spaces are marked off. I am sure the ground will be soft so PLEASE be sure and put boards under your jacks when you set up. We have plenty of boards at the bath house and the storage shed. The jacks make such wonderful little holes when the ground is soft that you find with the lawnmower. Camping is as always “first come, first serve” and there is no charge for camping, but your donations are greatly appreciated. The water and electricity run about $2,000.00 each singing.

IF YOU BRING DOGS OR CATS Please clean up after them. {Nuf Said}

We always need volunteers to work in the Gift Shop and the Ham Shed on Friday and Saturday nights and we will have lists for both places in the window at the Ham Shed. The ladies that take care of the Gift Shop will need help getting everything ready in there also. Please bring anything that you might want to donate to the Gift Shop. Please check the “To Do” list in the door of the Ham Shed.

Monday 12:00 Shrimp and Corn Boil
Tuesday 12:00 Pot Luck Bean Day
Wednesday 12:00 BBQ and fix’ins
Thursday 3:00 Home Made Ice Cream (we will furnish the Ice)
Thursday Night About 7:00 Gathering under the eating area at the Ham Shed

The Singing will be paying for the BBQ and the Shrimp as a “Thank You” for your work and help in getting everything ready for the Singing. We could not have the Singing without your help.
If you hear the Dinner Bell ring, or the truck horn blow, it’s time to eat or we need help.

If you need anything call my cell 931-309-7602 or e-mail at

Hope to see you there,